Fields of Speciality
Documentary films (interviews, soundbites and subtitles).
Education, media, health and wellness, human rights, social justice, democracy, immigration, and international development.
Spoken accents:

  • Levant and Egyptian dialects.
  • European French.


  • Qualified, trained and tested community and legal interpreter.
  • Passed Modern Standard Arabic Consecutive Interpreting exam at U.S. State Department.
  • Tested in Arabic and French oral proficiency by ACTFL/LTI.
  • Trained and tested in Legal Interpreting by AYUDA, Multicultural Community Services, and African Translation.
  • Completed 40-hour community interpreting training for Health, Education and Human Services by Cross-Cultural Communications.
  • Former Member of the American Translators Association (ATA) and the NCATA DC chapter.
  • Former Member of the Interpreters and Medical Divisions of the ATA.


Community Interpreting

  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting in education, health and human services (community events, medical visits and telephonic calls)
  • Interpreted for families from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Morocco and Sudan.Legal Interpreting
  • Attorney-client meetings, intake sessions and asylum interviews for immigrants from Cameroon, Congo, Guinee, Mauritania, and Morocco.Seminar Interpreting
  • Workshops and meetings on Capitol Hill and government visits for international visitors on human rights, freedom of expression and international development issues.Translation
  • Educational manuals, school guides, flyers, brochures, vital documents, film scripts and government documents.
Film and Subtitling and Audio Transcription
Voice Over Narration Demo

Commercials Demo

Narrative Demo

Arabic Voice Over (Audio sample)

TOO BRIEF A CHILD women’s rights training video by UNFPA/Spark Media.

Client Testimonial

“Throughout her involvement in the diverse community and official meetings for the District of Columbia, such as administrative hearings, town hall and school meetings, in her position as interpreter, Ms. Itani has shown a great deal of initiative, thoughtfulness, creativity and commitment to her work.”
  Rosa Carrillo, MCS

Referrals to other language professionals in:

  • Middle Eastern Languages: Amharic, Bengali, Farsi, Pashto, Turkish and Urdu.
  • Haitian Creole and Spanish.